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2016-05-31l10n: pt_PT: update Portuguese translationVasco Almeida
2016-05-31l10n: pt_PT: update according to git-gui glossaryVasco Almeida
2016-05-31l10n: pt_PT: merge git.pot fileVasco Almeida
2016-03-22l10n: pt_PT: Update and add new translationsVasco Almeida
2013-09-04use 'commit-ish' instead of 'committish'Richard Hansen
2012-05-14l10n: pt_PT.po translate new messagesMarco Sousa
2012-04-10l10n: Updated pt_PT languageMarco Sousa
2012-04-02l10n: Inital Portuguese Portugal language (pt_PT)Marco Sousa