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2020-11-19t3[5-9]*: adjust the references to the default branch name "main"Johannes Schindelin
2020-11-19tests: mark tests relying on the current default for `init.defaultBranch`Johannes Schindelin
2019-01-07t3502: validate '-m 1' argument is now accepted for non-merge commitsSergey Organov
2017-03-15cherry-pick: detect bogus arguments to --mainlineJeff King
2011-12-15t3502, t3510: clarify cherry-pick -m failureRamkumar Ramachandra
2008-07-13t/: Use "test_must_fail git" instead of "! git"Stephan Beyer
2007-11-05t3502: Disambiguate between file and rev by adding --Brian Gernhardt
2007-11-03cherry-pick/revert -m: add testsJunio C Hamano