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2020-07-12l10n: fr v2.28.0 round 1Jean-Noël Avila
2020-05-27l10n: fr.po v2.27.0 rnd 2Jean-Noël Avila
2020-05-16l10n: fr v2.27.0 rnd 1Jean-Noël Avila
2020-03-11l10n: fr : v2.26.0 rnd 2Jean-Noël Avila
2020-03-08l10n: fr v2.26.0 rnd1Jean-Noël Avila
2020-01-03l10n: fr.po v2.25.0 rnd 1Jean-Noël Avila
2019-10-28l10n: fr v2.24.0 rnd2Jean-Noël Avila
2019-10-21l10n: fr 2.24.0 rnd 1Jean-Noël Avila
2019-08-10l10n: fr v2.23.0 round 2Jean-Noël Avila
2019-06-07l10n: fr.po: Review French translationCédric Malard
2019-06-04l10n: fr v2.22.0 rnd 3Jean-Noël Avila
2019-05-31l10n: fr.po v2.22.0 round 2Jean-Noël Avila
2019-05-17l10n: fr.po v2.22.0.rnd1Jean-Noël Avila
2019-02-26l10n: fr.po remove obsolete entriesJean-Noël Avila
2019-02-15l10n: fr.po v2.21.0 rnd 2Jean-Noël Avila
2019-02-15l10n: fr.po Fix some typos from round3Fabien Villepinte
2019-02-15l10n: fr.po Fix some typosFabien Villepinte
2018-12-02l10n: fr.po v2.20.0 round 3Jean-Noël Avila
2018-11-28l10n: fr.po v2.20 rnd 1Jean-Noël Avila
2018-09-05l10n: fr.po v2.19.0 rnd 2Jean-Noël Avila
2018-09-05l10n: fr.po v2.19.0 rnd 1Jean-Noël Avila
2018-09-05l10n: fr: fix a message seen in git bisectRaphaël Hertzog
2018-06-16l10n: fr.po v2.18.0 round 3Jean-Noël Avila
2018-06-03l10n: fr.po v2.18 round 1Jean-Noël Avila
2018-03-23l10n: fr.po: v2.17.0 no fuzzyJean-Noël Avila
2018-03-17l10n: fr.po v2.17.0 round 1Jean-Noël Avila
2018-01-07l10n: fr.po 2.16 round 2Jean-Noel Avila
2018-01-02l10n: fr.po v2.16.0 round 1Jean-Noel Avila
2017-12-31l10n: fr.po: "worktree list" mistranslated as pruneLouis Bettens
2017-10-18l10n: fr.po: v2.15.0 round 2Jean-Noel Avila
2017-10-18l10n: fr.po change translation of "First, rewinding"Nicolas Cornu
2017-10-18l10n: fr.po fix some mistakesJean-Noel Avila
2017-07-27l10n: fr.po v2.14.0 rnd 2Jean-Noel Avila
2017-07-27l10n: fr.po Fix some french typosSylvestre Ledru
2017-07-27l10n: fr.po Fix typoLouis
2017-07-27l10n: fr.po Fix some translationsHugues Peccatte
2017-05-06l10n: fr.po v2.13 rnd 2Jean-Noel Avila
2017-05-02l10n: fr.po v2.13 round 1Jean-Noel Avila
2017-02-17l10n: fr.po: v2.12.0 round 2 3139tJean-Noel Avila
2017-02-11l10n: fr.po: v2.11-rc0 first roundJean-Noel Avila
2017-02-04l10n: fr.po: Fix a typo in the French translationAnthony Ramine
2017-02-04l10n: fr.po: Remove gender specific adjectivesJoachim Jablon
2017-02-04l10n: fr.po: Fix typosJoachim Jablon
2016-11-25l10n: fix unmatched single quote in error messageJiang Xin
2016-11-22l10n: Fixed typo of git fetch-pack commandJiang Xin
2016-11-06l10n: fr.po fix grammar mistakesjfbu
2016-11-05l10n: fr.po v2.11.0_rnd1Jean-Noel Avila
2016-08-28l10n: fr.po v2.10.0-rc2Jean-Noel Avila
2016-05-26l10n: fr.po v2.9.0rnd1Jean-Noel Avila
2016-05-26Merge branch 'fix_fr' of git:// Xin