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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-01-10Make git-describe a builtin.Shawn O. Pearce
2007-01-10Don't save the commit buffer in git-describe.Shawn O. Pearce
2006-09-21Tell between packed, unpacked and symbolic refs.Junio C Hamano
2006-09-21Add callback data to for_each_ref() family.Junio C Hamano
2006-09-14Handle invalid argc gentlyDmitry V. Levin
2006-09-14Make count-objects, describe and merge-tree work in subdirectoryDmitry V. Levin
2006-08-26describe: fix off-by-one error in --abbrev=40 handlingJonas Fonseca
2006-08-16remove unnecessary initializationsDavid Rientjes
2006-07-13Remove TYPE_* constant macros and use object_type enums consistently.Linus Torvalds
2006-06-28Make some strings constTimo Hirvonen
2006-06-18Shrink "struct object" a bitLinus Torvalds
2006-05-08Separate object name errors from usage errorsDmitry V. Levin
2006-01-28abbrev cleanup: use symbolic constantsJunio C Hamano
2006-01-16Merge fixes up to GIT 1.1.3Junio C Hamano
2006-01-16describe: omit clearing marks on the last one.Junio C Hamano
2006-01-14Merge fixes up to GIT 1.1.2Junio C Hamano
2006-01-11git-describe: default to HEADJunio C Hamano
2006-01-11describe: do not silently ignore indescribable commitsJunio C Hamano
2006-01-08GIT 1.1.0v1.1.0Junio C Hamano
2006-01-08describe: allow more than one revs to be named.Junio C Hamano
2005-12-28git-describe: still prefer annotated tag under --all and --tagsJunio C Hamano
2005-12-28git-describe: --tags and --abbrevJunio C Hamano
2005-12-28git-describe: use find_unique_abbrev()Junio C Hamano
2005-12-28git-describe: really prefer tags only.Junio C Hamano
2005-12-28Add a "git-describe" commandLinus Torvalds