path: root/builtin/verify-tag.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-13doc txt & -h consistency: add missing options and labelsÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2019-06-19verify-tag: drop signal.h includeJeff King
2018-04-08ref-filter: use "struct object_id" consistentlyJeff King
2017-08-11Merge branch 'jk/ref-filter-colors'Junio C Hamano
2017-07-13ref-filter: abstract ref format into its own structJeff King
2017-07-13check return value of verify_ref_format()Jeff King
2017-07-13tag: convert gpg_verify_tag to use struct object_idStefan Beller
2017-06-15config: don't include config.h by defaultBrandon Williams
2017-01-18builtin/verify-tag: add --format to verify-tagSantiago Torres
2016-04-22verify-tag: move tag verification code to tag.cSantiago Torres
2016-04-22verify-tag: prepare verify_tag for libificationSantiago Torres
2016-04-19verify-tag: update variable name and typeSantiago Torres
2016-04-06builtin/verify-tag.c: ignore SIGPIPE in gpg-interfaceSantiago Torres
2015-06-22verify-tag: add option to print raw gpg status informationbrian m. carlson
2015-06-22gpg: centralize printing signature buffersbrian m. carlson
2015-06-22gpg: centralize signature checkbrian m. carlson
2015-06-22verify-tag: share code with verify-commitbrian m. carlson
2015-01-14standardize usage info string formatAlex Henrie
2013-02-14gpg_interface: allow to request status returnMichael J Gruber
2012-08-22i18n: verify-tag: mark parseopt strings for translationNguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy
2012-03-08verify-tag: Parse GPG configuration options.Alex Zepeda
2011-11-05Split GPG interface into its own helper libraryJunio C Hamano
2010-12-08Merge branch 'mg/maint-tag-rfc1991'Junio C Hamano
2010-11-15verify-tag: document --verboseRené Scharfe
2010-11-15add description parameter to OPT__VERBOSERené Scharfe
2010-11-10verify-tag: factor out signature detectionMichael J Gruber
2010-02-22Move 'builtin-*' into a 'builtin/' subdirectoryLinus Torvalds