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diff --git a/cache.h b/cache.h
index 6a1aff5..2997b91 100644
--- a/cache.h
+++ b/cache.h
@@ -790,17 +790,25 @@ struct object_context {
unsigned mode;
+#define GET_SHA1_QUIETLY 01
+#define GET_SHA1_COMMIT 02
+#define GET_SHA1_TREE 010
+#define GET_SHA1_TREEISH 020
+#define GET_SHA1_BLOB 040
+#define GET_SHA1_ONLY_TO_DIE 04000
extern int get_sha1(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
-extern int get_sha1_with_mode_1(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1, unsigned *mode, int only_to_die, const char *prefix);
-static inline int get_sha1_with_mode(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1, unsigned *mode)
- return get_sha1_with_mode_1(str, sha1, mode, 0, NULL);
-extern int get_sha1_with_context_1(const char *name, unsigned char *sha1, struct object_context *orc, int only_to_die, const char *prefix);
-static inline int get_sha1_with_context(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1, struct object_context *orc)
- return get_sha1_with_context_1(str, sha1, orc, 0, NULL);
+extern int get_sha1_commit(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
+extern int get_sha1_committish(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
+extern int get_sha1_tree(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
+extern int get_sha1_treeish(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
+extern int get_sha1_blob(const char *str, unsigned char *sha1);
+extern void maybe_die_on_misspelt_object_name(const char *name, const char *prefix);
+extern int get_sha1_with_context(const char *str, unsigned flags, unsigned char *sha1, struct object_context *orc);
+typedef int each_abbrev_fn(const unsigned char *sha1, void *);
+extern int for_each_abbrev(const char *prefix, each_abbrev_fn, void *);
* Try to read a SHA1 in hexadecimal format from the 40 characters