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@@ -2094,6 +2094,11 @@ rebase.autostash::
successful rebase might result in non-trivial conflicts.
Defaults to false.
+ By default, git-receive-pack will advertise the atomic push
+ capability to its clients. If you don't want to this capability
+ to be advertised, set this variable to false.
By default, git-receive-pack will run "git-gc --auto" after
receiving data from git-push and updating refs. You can stop
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ git-push - Update remote refs along with associated objects
-'git push' [--all | --mirror | --tags] [--follow-tags] [-n | --dry-run] [--receive-pack=<git-receive-pack>]
+'git push' [--all | --mirror | --tags] [--follow-tags] [--atomic] [-n | --dry-run] [--receive-pack=<git-receive-pack>]
[--repo=<repository>] [-f | --force] [--prune] [-v | --verbose]
[-u | --set-upstream] [--signed]
@@ -136,6 +136,11 @@ already exists on the remote side.
logged. See linkgit:git-receive-pack[1] for the details
on the receiving end.
+ Use an atomic transaction on the remote side if available.
+ Either all refs are updated, or on error, no refs are updated.
+ If the server does not support atomic pushes the push will fail.
Path to the 'git-receive-pack' program on the remote
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@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ git-send-pack - Push objects over Git protocol to another repository
-'git send-pack' [--all] [--dry-run] [--force] [--receive-pack=<git-receive-pack>] [--verbose] [--thin] [<host>:]<directory> [<ref>...]
+'git send-pack' [--all] [--dry-run] [--force] [--receive-pack=<git-receive-pack>] [--verbose] [--thin] [--atomic] [<host>:]<directory> [<ref>...]
@@ -62,6 +62,11 @@ be in a separate packet, and the list must end with a flush packet.
Send a "thin" pack, which records objects in deltified form based
on objects not included in the pack to reduce network traffic.
+ Use an atomic transaction for updating the refs. If any of the refs
+ fails to update then the entire push will fail without changing any
+ refs.
A remote host to house the repository. When this
part is specified, 'git-receive-pack' is invoked via
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@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@ was sent. Server MUST NOT ignore capabilities that client requested
and server advertised. As a consequence of these rules, server MUST
NOT advertise capabilities it does not understand.
-The 'report-status', 'delete-refs', 'quiet', and 'push-cert' capabilities
-are sent and recognized by the receive-pack (push to server) process.
+The 'atomic', 'report-status', 'delete-refs', 'quiet', and 'push-cert'
+capabilities are sent and recognized by the receive-pack (push to server)
The 'ofs-delta' and 'side-band-64k' capabilities are sent and recognized
by both upload-pack and receive-pack protocols. The 'agent' capability
@@ -244,6 +245,14 @@ respond with the 'quiet' capability to suppress server-side progress
reporting if the local progress reporting is also being suppressed
(e.g., via `push -q`, or if stderr does not go to a tty).
+If the server sends the 'atomic' capability it is capable of accepting
+atomic pushes. If the pushing client requests this capability, the server
+will update the refs in one atomic transaction. Either all refs are
+updated or none.