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@@ -219,6 +219,10 @@ smart server reply:
S: 003c2cb58b79488a98d2721cea644875a8dd0026b115 refs/tags/v1.0\n
S: 003fa3c2e2402b99163d1d59756e5f207ae21cccba4c refs/tags/v1.0^{}\n
+The client may send Extra Parameters (see
+Documentation/technical/pack-protocol.txt) as a colon-separated string
+in the Git-Protocol HTTP header.
Dumb Server Response
Dumb servers MUST respond with the dumb server reply format.
@@ -269,7 +273,11 @@ the C locale ordering. The stream SHOULD include the default ref
named `HEAD` as the first ref. The stream MUST include capability
declarations behind a NUL on the first ref.
+The returned response contains "version 1" if "version=1" was sent as an
+Extra Parameter.
smart_reply = PKT-LINE("# service=$servicename" LF)
+ *1("version 1")
ref_list = empty_list / non_empty_list