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+To initialize the cache with configurations from the worktree the caller
+typically first calls `gitmodules_config()` to read values from the
+worktree .gitmodules and then to overlay the local git config values
+`parse_submodule_config_option()` from the config parsing
The caller can look up information about submodules by using the
`submodule_from_path()` or `submodule_from_name()` functions. They return
a `struct submodule` which contains the values. The API automatically
-initializes and allocates the needed infrastructure on-demand.
+initializes and allocates the needed infrastructure on-demand. If the
+caller does only want to lookup values from revisions the initialization
+can be skipped.
If the internal cache might grow too big or when the caller is done with
the API, all internally cached values can be freed with submodule_free().
@@ -34,6 +42,11 @@ Functions
Use these to free the internally cached values.
+`int parse_submodule_config_option(const char *var, const char *value)`::
+ Can be passed to the config parsing infrastructure to parse
+ local (worktree) submodule configurations.
`const struct submodule *submodule_from_path(const unsigned char *commit_sha1, const char *path)`::
Lookup values for one submodule by its commit_sha1 and path.
@@ -42,4 +55,8 @@ Functions
The same as above but lookup by name.
+If given the null_sha1 as commit_sha1 the local configuration of a
+submodule will be returned (e.g. consolidated values from local git
+configuration and the .gitmodules file in the worktree).
For an example usage see test-submodule-config.c.