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@@ -1045,6 +1045,38 @@ GIT_ICASE_PATHSPECS::
an operation has touched every ref (e.g., because you are
cloning a repository to make a backup).
+ If set, provide a colon-separated list of protocols which are
+ allowed to be used with fetch/push/clone. This is useful to
+ restrict recursive submodule initialization from an untrusted
+ repository. Any protocol not mentioned will be disallowed (i.e.,
+ this is a whitelist, not a blacklist). If the variable is not
+ set at all, all protocols are enabled. The protocol names
+ currently used by git are:
+ - `file`: any local file-based path (including `file://` URLs,
+ or local paths)
+ - `git`: the anonymous git protocol over a direct TCP
+ connection (or proxy, if configured)
+ - `ssh`: git over ssh (including `host:path` syntax,
+ `git+ssh://`, etc).
+ - `rsync`: git over rsync
+ - `http`: git over http, both "smart http" and "dumb http".
+ Note that this does _not_ include `https`; if you want both,
+ you should specify both as `http:https`.
+ - any external helpers are named by their protocol (e.g., use
+ `hg` to allow the `git-remote-hg` helper)
+Note that this controls only git's internal protocol selection.
+If libcurl is used (e.g., by the `http` transport), it may
+redirect to other protocols. There is not currently any way to
+restrict this.