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@@ -10,14 +10,29 @@ Fixes since v1.5.3.4
* "git-config --file" failed if the argument used a relative path
as it changed directories before opening the file.
+ * "git-config", "git-diff", "git-apply" failed if run from a
+ subdirectory with relative GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE set.
* "git-add -i" did not handle single line hunks correctly.
+ * "git-rebase -i" failed if external diff drivers were used for one
+ or more files in a commit. It now avoids calling the external
+ diff drivers.
* "git-log --follow" did not work unless diff generation (e.g. -p)
was also requested.
* "git-log" printed extra newlines between commits when a diff
was generated internally (e.g. -S or --follow) but not displayed.
+ * "git-push" error message is more helpful when pushing to a
+ repository with no matching refs and none specified.
+ * "git-filter-branch" now updates the working directory when it
+ has finished filtering the current branch.
+ * "git-instaweb" no longer fails on Mac OS X.
* Documentation updates for supported (but previously undocumented)
options of "git-archive" and "git-reflog".