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authorJunio C Hamano <>2008-07-16 02:09:46 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2008-07-16 02:09:46 (GMT)
commitfcab40a389e99786a8276108cdbc1cda8caf502f (patch)
tree7d1e037103be1644c0584c71ee9d240fc82714fc /commit.h
parentc158cae110c917372efe9ff2f080ea0357b05879 (diff)
parent711f6b295cf463aae07eb76e009faed3d3699623 (diff)
Merge branch 'mv/merge-in-c'
* mv/merge-in-c: reduce_heads(): protect from duplicate input reduce_heads(): thinkofix Add a new test for git-merge-resolve t6021: add a new test for git-merge-resolve Teach merge.log to "git-merge" again Build in merge Fix on AIX git-commit-tree: make it usable from other builtins Add new test case to ensure git-merge prepends the custom merge message Add new test case to ensure git-merge reduces octopus parents when possible Introduce reduce_heads() Introduce get_merge_bases_many() Add new test to ensure git-merge handles more than 25 refs. Introduce get_octopus_merge_bases() in commit.c git-fmt-merge-msg: make it usable from other builtins Move read_cache_unmerged() to read-cache.c Add new test to ensure git-merge handles pull.twohead and pull.octopus Move parse-options's skip_prefix() to git-compat-util.h Move commit_list_count() to commit.c Move split_cmdline() to alias.c Conflicts: Makefile parse-options.c
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/commit.h b/commit.h
index fda7ad0..77de962 100644
--- a/commit.h
+++ b/commit.h
@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ int parse_commit_buffer(struct commit *item, void *buffer, unsigned long size);
int parse_commit(struct commit *item);
struct commit_list * commit_list_insert(struct commit *item, struct commit_list **list_p);
+unsigned commit_list_count(const struct commit_list *l);
struct commit_list * insert_by_date(struct commit *item, struct commit_list **list);
void free_commit_list(struct commit_list *list);
@@ -120,6 +121,7 @@ int read_graft_file(const char *graft_file);
struct commit_graft *lookup_commit_graft(const unsigned char *sha1);
extern struct commit_list *get_merge_bases(struct commit *rev1, struct commit *rev2, int cleanup);
+extern struct commit_list *get_octopus_merge_bases(struct commit_list *in);
extern int register_shallow(const unsigned char *sha1);
extern int unregister_shallow(const unsigned char *sha1);
@@ -137,4 +139,6 @@ static inline int single_parent(struct commit *commit)
return commit->parents && !commit->parents->next;
+struct commit_list *reduce_heads(struct commit_list *heads);
#endif /* COMMIT_H */