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rerere: adjust 'forget' to multi-variant world order
Because conflicts with the same contents inside conflict blocks enclosed by "<<<<<<<" and ">>>>>>>" can now have multiple variants to help three-way merge to adjust to the differences outside the conflict blocks, "rerere forget $path" needs to be taught that there may be multiple recorded resolutions that share the same conflict hash (which groups the conflicts with "the same contents inside conflict blocks"), among which there are some that would not be relevant to the conflict we are looking at. These "other variants" that happen to share the same conflict hash should not be cleared, and the variant that would apply to the current conflict may not be the zero-th one (which is the only one that is cleared by the current code). After finding the conflict hash, iterate over the existing variants and try to resolve the conflict using each of them to find the one that "cleanly" resolves the current conflict. That is the one we want to forget and record the preimage for, so that the user can record the corrected resolution. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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