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difftool: display the number of files in the diff queue in the prompt
When --prompt option is set, git-difftool displays a prompt for each modified file to be viewed in an external diff program. At that point, it could be useful to display a counter and the total number of files in the diff queue. Below is the current difftool prompt for the first of 5 modified files: Viewing: 'diff.c' Launch 'vimdiff' [Y/n]: Consider the modified prompt: Viewing (1/5): 'diff.c' Launch 'vimdiff' [Y/n]: The current GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF mechanism does not tell the number of paths in the diff queue nor the current counter. To make this "counter/total" info available for GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF programs without breaking existing ones by doing the following: - Keep track of the number of paths shown so far in diff_options; - Export two new environment variables from run_external_diff() to show the total number of paths (from diff_queue_struct) and the current value of the counter (from diff_options); and - Update git-difftool--helper to use these two environment variables. Signed-off-by: Zoltan Klinger <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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