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Tone down warning about GNU Interactive Tools
The mention of 1997 was correct when it was made, and it still is true to some extent ( says it has not been actively maintained for quite some time). However, because its name changed not to conflict with us, it is no longer relevant whether many users use gnuit or have moved away to graphical file managers. The only people possibly affected are people who have older version of gnuit installed as "git". Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Issues of note:
- - git normally installs a helper script wrapper called "git", which
- conflicts with a similarly named "GNU interactive tools" program.
- Let's face it, most of us don't have GNU interactive tools, and even
- if we had it, we wouldn't know what it does. I don't think it has
- been actively developed since 1997, and people have moved over to
- graphical file managers.
- In addition, as of gnuit-4.9.2, the GNU interactive tools package has
- been renamed. You can compile gnuit with the --disable-transition
- option and then it will not conflict with git.
+ - Ancient versions of GNU Interactive Tools (pre-4.9.2) installed a
+ program "git", whose name conflicts with this program. But with
+ version 4.9.2, after long hiatus without active maintenance (since
+ around 1997), it changed its name to gnuit and the name conflict is no
+ longer a problem.
+ NOTE: When compiled with backward compatiblity option, the GNU
+ Interactive Tools package still can install "git", but you can build it
+ with --disable-transition option to avoid this.
- You can use git after building but without installing if you
wanted to. Various git commands need to find other git