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git-imap-send: use libcurl for implementation
Use libcurl's high-level API functions to implement git-imap-send instead of the previous low-level OpenSSL-based functions. Since version 7.30.0, libcurl's API has been able to communicate with IMAP servers. Using those high-level functions instead of the current ones would reduce imap-send.c by some 1200 lines of code. For now, the old ones are wrapped in #ifdefs, and the new functions are enabled by make if curl's version is >= 7.34.0, from which version on curl's CURLOPT_LOGIN_OPTIONS (enabling IMAP authentication) parameter has been available. The low-level functions will still be used for tunneling into the server for now. As I don't have access to that many IMAP servers, I haven't been able to test the new code with a wide variety of parameter combinations. I did test both secure and insecure (imaps:// and imap://) connections and values of "PLAIN" and "LOGIN" for the authMethod. In order to suppress a sparse warning about "using sizeof on a function", we use the same solution used in commit 9371322a6 ("sparse: suppress some "using sizeof on a function" warnings", 06-10-2013) which solved exactly this problem for the other commands using libcurl. Helped-by: Ramsay Jones <> Signed-off-by: Bernhard Reiter <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -108,18 +108,21 @@ Issues of note:
so you might need to install additional packages other than Perl
itself, e.g. Time::HiRes.
- - "openssl" library is used by git-imap-send to use IMAP over SSL.
- If you don't need it, use NO_OPENSSL.
+ - git-imap-send needs the OpenSSL library to talk IMAP over SSL if
+ you are using libcurl older than 7.34.0. Otherwise you can use
+ NO_OPENSSL without losing git-imap-send.
By default, git uses OpenSSL for SHA1 but it will use its own
library (inspired by Mozilla's) with either NO_OPENSSL or
BLK_SHA1. Also included is a version optimized for PowerPC
- - "libcurl" library is used by git-http-fetch and git-fetch. You
- might also want the "curl" executable for debugging purposes.
- If you do not use http:// or https:// repositories, you do not
- have to have them (use NO_CURL).
+ - "libcurl" library is used by git-http-fetch, git-fetch, and, if
+ the curl version >= 7.34.0, for git-imap-send. You might also
+ want the "curl" executable for debugging purposes. If you do not
+ use http:// or https:// repositories, and do not want to put
+ patches into an IMAP mailbox, you do not have to have them
+ (use NO_CURL).
- "expat" library; git-http-push uses it for remote lock
management over DAV. Similar to "curl" above, this is optional