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Documentation update. * jn/doc-fast-import-no-16-octopus-limit: fast-import doc: remove suggested 16-parent limit
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@@ -507,10 +507,6 @@ omitted when creating a new branch, the first `merge` commit will be
the first ancestor of the current commit, and the branch will start
out with no files. An unlimited number of `merge` commands per
commit are permitted by fast-import, thereby establishing an n-way merge.
-However Git's other tools never create commits with more than 15
-additional ancestors (forming a 16-way merge). For this reason
-it is suggested that frontends do not use more than 15 `merge`
-commands per commit; 16, if starting a new, empty branch.
Here `<commit-ish>` is any of the commit specification expressions
also accepted by `from` (see above).