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git-gc --prune is deprecated
25ee9731c137d0a24b0f4879eb0b0cce9b77d5b0 made the '--prune' option deprecated and removed its description from the git-gc man page. This patch removes all references to this option from the rest of the Git documentation. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Dangling objects are not a problem. At worst they may take up a little
extra disk space. They can sometimes provide a last-resort method for
-recovering lost work--see <<dangling-objects>> for details. However, if
-you wish, you can remove them with linkgit:git-prune[1] or the `--prune`
-option to linkgit:git-gc[1]:
-$ git gc --prune
-This may be time-consuming. Unlike most other git operations (including
-git-gc when run without any options), it is not safe to prune while
-other git operations are in progress in the same repository.
-If linkgit:git-fsck[1] complains about sha1 mismatches or missing
-objects, you may have a much more serious problem; your best option is
-probably restoring from backups. See
-<<recovering-from-repository-corruption>> for a detailed discussion.
+recovering lost work--see <<dangling-objects>> for details.
Recovering lost changes