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Merge branch 'jk/symlinked-dotgitx-cleanup'
Various test and documentation updates about .gitsomething paths that are symlinks. * jk/symlinked-dotgitx-cleanup: docs: document symlink restrictions for dot-files fsck: warn about symlinked dotfiles we'll open with O_NOFOLLOW t0060: test ntfs/hfs-obscured dotfiles t7450: test .gitmodules symlink matching against obscured names t7450: test verify_path() handling of gitmodules t7415: rename to expand scope fsck_tree(): wrap some long lines fsck_tree(): fix shadowed variable t7415: remove out-dated comment about translation
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@@ -149,6 +149,10 @@ not tracked by Git remain untracked.
To stop tracking a file that is currently tracked, use
'git rm --cached'.
+Git does not follow symbolic links when accessing a `.gitignore` file in
+the working tree. This keeps behavior consistent when the file is
+accessed from the index or a tree versus from the filesystem.