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Adjust for the new way of enabling the default post-update hook
The post-update hook, which is required to be enabled in order for the repository to be accessible over HTTP, is not enabled by chmod a+x anymore, but instead by dropping the .sample suffix. This patch emphasizes this change in the release notes (since I believe this is rather noticeable backwards-incompatible change). It also adjusts the documentation which still described the old way and fixes t/, which was broken for 1.5 month but apparently noone ever runs this test. Signed-off-by: Petr Baudis <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -1366,8 +1366,9 @@ your login shell is 'bash', only `.bashrc` is read and not
If you plan to publish this repository to be accessed over http,
-you should do `chmod +x my-git.git/hooks/post-update` at this
-point. This makes sure that every time you push into this
+you should do `mv my-git.git/hooks/post-update.sample
+my-git.git/hooks/post-update` at this point.
+This makes sure that every time you push into this
repository, `git update-server-info` is run.
Your "public repository" is now ready to accept your changes.
@@ -1486,11 +1487,11 @@ A recommended workflow for a "project lead" goes like this:
If other people are pulling from your repository over dumb
transport protocols (HTTP), you need to keep this repository
'dumb transport friendly'. After `git init`,
-`$GIT_DIR/hooks/post-update` copied from the standard templates
-would contain a call to 'git-update-server-info' but the
-`post-update` hook itself is disabled by default -- enable it
-with `chmod +x post-update`. This makes sure 'git-update-server-info'
-keeps the necessary files up-to-date.
+`$GIT_DIR/hooks/post-update.sample` copied from the standard templates
+would contain a call to 'git-update-server-info'
+but you need to manually enable the hook with
+`mv post-update.sample post-update`. This makes sure
+'git-update-server-info' keeps the necessary files up-to-date.
3. Push into the public repository from your primary