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Merge branch 'jk/push-force-with-lease-creation'
"git push --force-with-lease" already had enough logic to allow ensuring that such a push results in creation of a ref (i.e. the receiving end did not have another push from sideways that would be discarded by our force-pushing), but didn't expose this possibility to the users. It does so now. * jk/push-force-with-lease-creation: t5533: make it pass on case-sensitive filesystems push: allow pushing new branches with --force-with-lease push: add shorthand for --force-with-lease branch creation Documentation/git-push: fix placeholder formatting
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`--force-with-lease=<refname>:<expect>` will protect the named ref (alone),
if it is going to be updated, by requiring its current value to be
-the same as the specified value <expect> (which is allowed to be
+the same as the specified value `<expect>` (which is allowed to be
different from the remote-tracking branch we have for the refname,
or we do not even have to have such a remote-tracking branch when
-this form is used).
+this form is used). If `<expect>` is the empty string, then the named ref
+must not already exist.
Note that all forms other than `--force-with-lease=<refname>:<expect>`
that specifies the expected current value of the ref explicitly are