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checkout: do not get confused with ambiguous tag/branch names
Although it is not advisable, we have always allowed a branch and a tag to have the same basename (i.e. it is not illegal to have refs/heads/frotz and refs/tags/frotz at the same time). When talking about a specific commit, the interpretation of 'frotz' has always been "use tag and then check branch", although we warn when ambiguities exist. However "git checkout $name" is defined to (1) first see if it matches the branch name, and if so switch to that branch; (2) otherwise it is an instruction to detach HEAD to point at the commit named by $name. We did not follow this definition when $name appeared under both refs/heads/ and refs/tags/ -- we switched to the branch but read the tree from the tagged commit, which was utterly bogus. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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