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@@ -180,12 +180,12 @@ directory; clone from it to start a repository on the satellite
<2> clone sets these configuration variables by default.
It arranges `git pull` to fetch and store the branches of mothership
-machine to local `remotes/origin/*` tracking branches.
+machine to local `remotes/origin/*` remote-tracking branches.
<3> arrange `git push` to push local `master` branch to
`remotes/satellite/master` branch of the mothership machine.
<4> push will stash our work away on `remotes/satellite/master`
-tracking branch on the mothership machine. You could use this as
-a back-up method.
+remote-tracking branch on the mothership machine. You could use this
+as a back-up method.
<5> on mothership machine, merge the work done on the satellite
machine into the master branch.