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authorJakub Narebski <>2008-10-02 14:50:04 (GMT)
committerShawn O. Pearce <>2008-10-03 00:43:18 (GMT)
commit2d7a3532c78bace2f3631ab0e594f713dcab9916 (patch)
parent6e2dfb1631b3c40574e6f940498f3889607c3ef8 (diff)
gitweb: Fix two 'uninitialized value' warnings in git_tree()
If we did try to access nonexistent directory or file, which means that git_get_hash_by_path() returns `undef`, uninitialized $hash variable was passed to 'open' call. Now we fail early with "404 Not Found - No such tree" error. (If we try to access something which does not resolve to tree-ish, for example a file / 'blob' object, the error will be caught later, as "404 Not Found - Reading tree failed" error). If we tried to use 'tree' action without $file_name ('f' parameter) set, which means either tree given by hash or a top tree (and we currently cannot distinguish between those two cases), we cannot print path breadcrumbs with git_print_page_path(). Fix this by moving call to git_print_page_path() inside conditional. Signed-off-by: Jakub Narebski <> Acked-by: Petr Baudis <> Signed-off-by: Shawn O. Pearce <>
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/gitweb/gitweb.perl b/gitweb/gitweb.perl
index f1ab572..eae5084 100755
--- a/gitweb/gitweb.perl
+++ b/gitweb/gitweb.perl
@@ -4421,6 +4421,7 @@ sub git_tree {
$hash = $hash_base;
+ die_error(404, "No such tree") unless defined($hash);
$/ = "\0";
open my $fd, "-|", git_cmd(), "ls-tree", '-z', $hash
or die_error(500, "Open git-ls-tree failed");
@@ -4461,8 +4462,8 @@ sub git_tree {
if ($basedir ne '' && substr($basedir, -1) ne '/') {
$basedir .= '/';
+ git_print_page_path($file_name, 'tree', $hash_base);
- git_print_page_path($file_name, 'tree', $hash_base);
print "<div class=\"page_body\">\n";
print "<table class=\"tree\">\n";
my $alternate = 1;