tag namev0.99.9c (3521017556c5de4159da4615a39fa4d5d2c279b5)
tag date2005-11-04 00:43:47 (GMT)
tagged byJunio C Hamano <>
tagged objectcommit 6ddc096403...
GIT 0.99.9c
Contains the following changes since GIT 0.99.9b: Alex Riesen: remove CR/LF from .gitignore Junio C Hamano: Do not put automatic merge message after signed-off-by line. git-clone: do not forget to create origin branch. Make test-date buildable again. Do not fail on hierarchical branch names. Ignore '\r' at the end of line in $GIT_DIR/config Be careful when dereferencing tags (credits Pasky). Document --since and --until options to rev-parse. Add --no-commit to git-merge/git-pull. Add 'ours' merge strategy. git-merge-ours: make sure our index matches HEAD Illustration: "Fundamental Git Index Operations" Illustration: "Git Diff Types" Illustration: "Commit DAG Revision Naming" GIT 0.99.9c Peter Eriksen: Clean up the SunOS Makefile rule -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQBDaq/XwMbZpPMRm5oRAiR+AJ9z6FAdb2buTHQqQ+VzqToTvGd0BwCfe9kX 9Jc+v4MIwEucxsuVtFVFntc= =vt9s -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----