tag namev0.99.4 (b3e9704ecdf48869f635f0aa99ddfb513f885aff)
tag date2005-08-10 21:43:59 (GMT)
tagged byJunio C Hamano <>
tagged objectcommit bf57030315...
GIT v0.99.4
Thanks a lot to everybody who sent in usability enhancements and bugfixes. Updates since v0.99.3: - HTTP transport can pull from a packed repository. - RPM and Debian packages are hopefully usable out of the box. - Read-only operations on read-only repository should work better. - Commit and tag takes the message from the command line with -m. - Shortlog does not show things in reverse anymore. - Many commands now natively know SHA1 expressions (e.g. HEAD^^2). - Push can update remote refs that have different names from local. - Comes with the latest gitk. - A new command "git revert" - A bulk e-mailer (not installed by default). - Hopefully less leaky and less buggy. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.1 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQBC+ng9wMbZpPMRm5oRAqlAAJwIQJg8+By6Kv/7zGRg4N7Z+BVixACfSQ9u RHIcz4cobFXSy2YNlZjl7SI= =9o5T -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----