tag namev1.4.1-rc1 (738dec0ead6a96f87cf71989a1dad7bb5d1faba4)
tag date2006-06-22 19:10:57 (GMT)
tagged byJunio C Hamano <>
tagged objectcommit bf9e9542f9...
GIT 1.4.1-rc1
As promised, 1.4.X series will be managed slightly differently, and this is in preparation of the first installment of it. The releases will come from the "master" branch to contain both fixes and enhancements from now on. Hotfix releases when necessary would have 1.4.X.Y revision numbers, but I am hoping that we do not have to do that very often. Since all the exciting and potentially risky developments are to happen on the "next" branch and they are supposed to graduate to "master" branch after they are reasonably well cooked, this change will help the end-users to stay reasonably current without hopefully not introducing unexpected problems. The older scheme left out all the enhancements if people followed packaged versions, and gave big surprises when upgrading from version X.Y.Z to X.(Y+1).0 which was not so nice. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.4.3 (GNU/Linux) iD8DBQBEmu0ewMbZpPMRm5oRAn28AJ9FjgwgUM3a5KKmQnUwas+69Q7saQCgnfsi wdIaZSiEFCBZoWvx6G6mQsk= =dyjV -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----