path: root/ws.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-02-26git-apply --whitespace=fix: fix off by one thinkoJunio C Hamano
2008-02-24ws_fix_copy(): move the whitespace fixing function to ws.cJunio C Hamano
2008-02-05core.whitespace: cr-at-eolJunio C Hamano
2007-12-16whitespace: more accurate initial-indent highlightingJ. Bruce Fields
2007-12-16whitespace: fix initial-indent checkingJ. Bruce Fields
2007-12-16whitespace: minor cleanupJ. Bruce Fields
2007-12-16whitespace: reorganize initial-indent checkJ. Bruce Fields
2007-12-16whitespace: fix off-by-one error in non-space-in-indent checkingJ. Bruce Fields
2007-12-15Use shorter error messages for whitespace problemsWincent Colaiuta
2007-12-14Unify whitespace checkingWincent Colaiuta
2007-12-06Use gitattributes to define per-path whitespace ruleJunio C Hamano