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2011-03-22vcs-svn: drop string_poolDavid Barr
This reverts commit 1d73b52f5ba4184de6acf474f14668001304a10c (Add string-specific memory pool, 2010-08-09). Now that svn-fe does not need to maintain a growing collection of strings (paths) over a long period of time, the string_pool is not needed. Signed-off-by: David Barr <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
2010-08-15Add string-specific memory poolDavid Barr
Intern strings so they can be compared by address and stored without wasting space. This library uses the macros in the obj_pool.h and trp.h to create a memory pool for strings and expose an API for handling them. [rr: added API docs] [jn: with some API simplifications, new documentation and tests] Signed-off-by: David Barr <> Signed-off-by: Ramkumar Ramachandra <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>