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2019-03-14git p4 test: use 'test_atexit' to kill p4d and the watchdog processJohannes Schindelin
2019-01-18git-p4: handle update of moved/copied files when updating a shelveLuke Diamand
2019-01-18git-p4: add failing test for shelved CL update involving move/copyLuke Diamand
2018-06-12git-p4: add options --commit and --disable-rebaseRomain Merland
2017-12-22git-p4: update multiple shelved change listsLuke Diamand
2017-04-17git-p4: don't use name-rev to get current branchLuke Diamand
2017-04-17git-p4: add failing test for name-rev rather than symbolic-refLuke Diamand
2016-12-05git-p4: support updating an existing shelved changelistLuke Diamand
2016-11-29git-p4: allow submit to create shelved changelists.Vinicius Kursancew
2015-11-24git-p4: clean up after p4 submit failureGIRARD Etienne
2014-08-13tests: fix negated test_i18ngrep callsJohannes Sixt
2014-05-27git-p4: Do not include diff in spec file when just preparing p4Maxime Coste
2014-01-22git p4 test: is_cli_file_writeable succeedsPete Wyckoff
2013-01-27git p4: cygwin p4 client does not mark read-onlyPete Wyckoff
2012-09-17git p4: add submit --prepare-p4-only optionPete Wyckoff
2012-09-17git p4: add submit --dry-run optionPete Wyckoff
2012-07-06git p4: notice Jobs lines in git commit messagesPete Wyckoff
2012-04-30git p4: fix writable file after rename or copyPete Wyckoff
2012-04-30git p4: test submitPete Wyckoff
2012-04-30git p4: bring back files in deleted client directoryPete Wyckoff
2012-04-09git p4: use "git p4" directly in testsPete Wyckoff
2011-12-27git-p4: document and test submit optionsPete Wyckoff
2011-12-27rename git-p4 testsPete Wyckoff