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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-11-09tests: add missing &&Jonathan Nieder
2010-03-13t9150,t9151: Add rewrite-root option to initTuomas Suutari
2010-02-26git-svn: Fix discarding of extra parents from svn:mergeinfoTuomas Suutari
2010-02-26t9151: Add two new svn:mergeinfo test casesTuomas Suutari
2010-01-23git-svn: update svn mergeinfo test suiteAndrew Myrick
2009-12-21git-svn: detect cherry-picks correctly.Sam Vilain
2009-12-21git-svn: fix some mistakes with interpreting SVN mergeinfo commit rangesSam Vilain
2009-12-21git-svn: expand the svn mergeinfo test suite, highlighting some failuresSam Vilain
2009-11-14git svn: handle SVN merges from revisions past the tip of the branchToby Allsopp
2009-10-30t915{0,1}: use $TEST_DIRECTORYJeff King
2009-10-30Make t9150 and t9151 test scripts executableMichael J Gruber
2009-10-27git-svn: convert SVN 1.5+ / svn:mergeinfo props to parentsSam Vilain