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2009-02-23git-svn: fix delete+add branch tracking with empty filesEric Wong
Original bug report and test case by Björn Steinbrink. Björn Steinbrink <> wrote: > Hi Eric, > > seems that the empty symlink stuff gets confused about which revision to > use when looking for the parent's file. > > r3 = f1a6fcf6b0a1c4a373d0b2b65a3d70700084f361 (tags/1.0.1) > Found possible branch point: file:///home/doener/h/svn/tags/1.0 => file:///home/doener/h/svn/branches/1.0, 4 > Found branch parent: (1.0) 63ae640ba01014ecbb3df590999ed1fa5914545b > Following parent with do_switch > Successfully followed parent > r5 = 26fcfef5bcced97ab74faf1af7341a2ae0d272aa (1.0) > Found possible branch point: file:///home/doener/h/svn/branches/1.0 => file:///home/doener/h/svn/tags/1.0.1, 5 > Found branch parent: (tags/1.0.1) 26fcfef5bcced97ab74faf1af7341a2ae0d272aa > Following parent with do_switch > Scanning for empty symlinks, this may take a while if you have many empty files > You may disable this with `git config svn.brokenSymlinkWorkaround false'. > This may be done in a different terminal without restarting git svn > Filesystem has no item: File not found: revision 3, path '/branches/1.0/file' at /usr/local/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 3318 > > Note how it tries to look at revision 3 instead of revision 5 (which it > correctly detected as the parent). The import succeeds when > svn.brokenSymlinkWorkaround is set to false. Testcase below. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>