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2007-02-23git-svn: fix useSvmProps, hopefully for the last timeEric Wong
svm:mirror is not useful at all for us. Parts of the old unit test were broken and based on my misunderstanding of the svm:mirror property. When we read svm:source; make sure we correctly handle the '!' in it: it is used to separate the path of the repository root from the virtual path within the repository. We don't need to make that distinction, honestly! We also ensure that subdirectories are also mirrored with the correct URL if we're using useSvmProps. We have a new test that uses dumped repo that was really created using SVN::Mirror to avoid ambiguities and mis-understandings about the svm: properties. Note: trailing whitespace in the svm.dump file is unfortunately a reality and required by SVN; so please ignore it when applying this patch. Also, ensure that the -R/--remote/--svn-remote flag is always in effect if explicitly passed via the command-line. This allows us to track logically different mirrors sharing the same URL (probably common with SVN::Mirror/SVK users). Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <>