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2018-03-28test: avoid pipes in git related commands for testPratik Karki
2016-05-13t/lib-git-svn: drop $remote_git_svn and $git_svn_idJeff King use the $( ... ) construct for command substi...Elia Pinto
2008-09-08t/t91XX git-svn tests: run "git svn" not "git-svn"Nanako Shiraishi
2008-09-08t/t91XX-svn: start removing use of "git-" from these testsNanako Shiraishi
2008-08-17tests: use $TEST_DIRECTORY to refer to the t/ directoryJunio C Hamano
2008-07-15git-svn: find-rev and rebase for SVN::Mirror repositoriesJoão Abecasis
2008-05-05Fix tests breaking when checkout path contains shell metacharactersBryan Donlan
2007-07-03Rewrite "git-frotz" to "git frotz"Junio C Hamano
2007-05-13git-svn: don't attempt to minimize URLs by defaultEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: fix useSvmProps, hopefully for the last timeEric Wong