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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-03Allow the test suite to pass in a directory whose name contains spacesJohannes Schindelin
2016-05-14t9107: switch inverted single/double quotes in testJeff King
2016-05-14t9107: use "return 1" instead of "exit 1"Jeff King
2016-05-13t/lib-git-svn: drop $remote_git_svn and $git_svn_idJeff King use the $( ... ) construct for command substitutionElia Pinto
2014-04-19Git 2.0: git svn: Set default --prefix='origin/' if --prefix is not givenJohan Herland
2012-08-02git-svn: attempt to mimic SVN 1.7 URL canonicalizationMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02t9107: fix typoMichael G. Schwern
2010-09-09tests: subshell indentation stylefixJonathan Nieder
2010-09-06Several tests: cd inside subshell instead of aroundJens Lehmann
2009-08-13svn: allow branches outside of refs/remotesAdam Brewster
2009-08-10svn: Add && to t9107-git-svn-migrate.shAdam Brewster
2009-05-21git-svn testsuite: use standard configuration for Subversion toolsEygene Ryabinkin
2008-09-08t/t91XX git-svn tests: run "git svn" not "git-svn"Nanako Shiraishi
2008-09-08t/t91XX-svn: start removing use of "git-" from these testsNanako Shiraishi
2008-05-05Fix tests breaking when checkout path contains shell metacharactersBryan Donlan
2007-12-11git-svn: replace .rev_db with a more space-efficient .rev_map formatEric Wong
2007-07-03Rewrite "git-frotz" to "git frotz"Junio C Hamano
2007-06-07War on whitespaceJunio C Hamano
2007-02-23git-svn: hide the private git-svn 'config' file as '.metadata'Eric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: allow 'init' to act as multi-initEric Wong
2007-02-23t910*: s/repo-config/config/g; poke around possible race conditionsEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: use separate, per-repository .rev_db filesEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: prepare multi-init for wildcard supportEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: just name the default svn-remote "svn" instead of "git-svn"Eric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: avoid tracking change-less revisionsEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: enable --minimize to simplify the config and connectionsEric Wong
2007-02-23git-svn: add support for metadata in .git/configEric Wong