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2019-05-14tests: add a special setup where prerequisites failÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2018-07-11t7405: verify 'merge --abort' works after submodule/path conflictsElijah Newren
2018-07-11t7405: add a directory/submodule conflictElijah Newren
2018-07-11t7405: add a file/submodule conflictElijah Newren
2017-10-07tests: fix diff order arguments in test_cmpStefan Beller
2011-10-13submodule: Search for merges only at end of recursive mergeBrad King
2011-10-13submodule: Demonstrate known breakage during recursive mergeBrad King
2011-03-31submodule: process conflicting submodules only onceNicolas Morey-Chaisemartin
2010-09-03t7405: cd inside subshell instead of aroundJens Lehmann
2010-07-07Implement automatic fast-forward merge for submodulesHeiko Voigt
2010-07-07add missing && to submodule-merge testcaseHeiko Voigt
2009-04-29merge-recursive: do not die on a conflicting submoduleJunio C Hamano
2009-04-05update cache for conflicting submodule entriesClemens Buchacher
2009-04-05add tests for merging with submodulesClemens Buchacher