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2023-01-18t: use hash-object --literally when created malformed objectsJeff King
2022-09-21t: remove \{m,n\} from BRE grep usageĐoàn Trần Công Danh
2022-07-08clone: use remote branch if it matches default HEADJeff King
2022-07-08clone: propagate empty remote HEAD even with other branchesJeff King
2022-02-12Merge branch 'rc/negotiate-only-typofix'Junio C Hamano
2022-02-09Merge branch 'gc/fetch-negotiate-only-early-return'Junio C Hamano
2022-01-28fetch: fix negotiate-only error messageRobert Coup
2022-01-20fetch: help translators by reusing the same message templateJunio C Hamano
2022-01-19fetch --negotiate-only: do not update submodulesGlen Choo
2022-01-04Merge branch 'es/test-chain-lint'Junio C Hamano
2021-12-13t5000-t5999: detect and signal failure within loopEric Sunshine
2021-11-11fetch-pack: redact packfile urls in tracesIvan Frade
2021-10-04Merge branch 'jk/clone-unborn-head-in-bare'Junio C Hamano
2021-09-20clone: handle unborn branch in bare reposJeff King
2021-09-08Merge branch 'ab/ls-remote-packet-trace'Junio C Hamano
2021-08-24ls-remote: set packet_trace_identity(<name>)Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2021-07-08fetch: fix segfault in --negotiate-only without --negotiation-tip=*Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
2021-05-05fetch: teach independent negotiation (no packfile)Jonathan Tan
2021-03-09Merge branch 'jt/transfer-fsck-across-packs-fix'Junio C Hamano
2021-03-05fetch-pack: do not mix --pack_header and packfile uriJonathan Tan
2021-03-01Merge branch 'jt/transfer-fsck-across-packs'Junio C Hamano
2021-02-22fetch-pack: print and use dangling .gitmodulesJonathan Tan
2021-02-18Merge branch 'jt/clone-unborn-head'Junio C Hamano
2021-02-05clone: respect remote unborn HEADJonathan Tan
2021-01-26t: prepare for GIT_TEST_WRITE_REV_INDEXTaylor Blau
2020-11-19t5[6-9]*: adjust the references to the default branch name "main"Johannes Schindelin
2020-11-19tests: mark tests relying on the current default for `init.defaultBranch`Johannes Schindelin
2020-08-25fetch-pack: make packfile URIs work with transfer.fsckobjectsJonathan Tan
2020-07-30t: remove test_oid_init in testsbrian m. carlson
2020-07-30builtin/verify-pack: implement an --object-format optionbrian m. carlson
2020-07-07Merge branch 'bc/sha-256-part-2'Junio C Hamano
2020-06-29Merge branch 'xl/upgrade-repo-format'Junio C Hamano
2020-06-25Merge branch 'jt/cdn-offload'Junio C Hamano
2020-06-19t5702: offer an object-format capability in the testbrian m. carlson
2020-06-11upload-pack: send part of packfile response as uriJonathan Tan
2020-06-05fetch: allow adding a filter after initial cloneXin Li
2020-05-24stateless-connect: send response end packetDenton Liu
2020-05-24remote-curl: error on incomplete packetDenton Liu
2020-02-27t/lib-httpd: avoid using macOS' sedJohannes Schindelin
2020-02-14Merge branch 'jk/no-flush-upon-disconnecting-slrpc-transport' into maintJunio C Hamano
2020-01-08transport: don't flush when disconnecting stateless-rpc helperJeff King
2019-11-10Fix spelling errors in names of testsElijah Newren
2019-11-10Fix spelling errors in comments of testcasesElijah Newren
2019-08-22transport-helper: skip ls-refs if unnecessaryJonathan Tan
2019-08-02t: warn against adding non-httpd-specific tests after sourcing 'lib-httpd'SZEDER Gábor
2019-07-02t5702: use test_commit_bulkJeff King
2019-05-08Merge branch 'js/misc-doc-fixes'Junio C Hamano
2019-05-08Merge branch 'jt/clone-server-option'Junio C Hamano
2019-04-19Turn `git serve` into a test helperJohannes Schindelin
2019-04-18clone: send server options when using protocol v2Jonathan Tan