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2021-06-17test: refactor to use "get_abbrev_oid" to get abbrev oidJiang Xin
2021-06-17test: compare raw output, not mangle tabs and spacesJiang Xin
2021-01-22t5411: refactor check of refs using test_cmp_refsJiang Xin
2021-01-22t5411: use different out file to prevent overwritingJiang Xin
2020-11-11t5411: new helper filter_out_user_friendly_and_stable_outputJiang Xin
2020-10-31t5411: adjust the remaining support files for init.defaultBranch=mainJohannes Schindelin
2020-08-27t5411: add basic test cases for proc-receive hookJiang Xin