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2020-02-24lib-log-graph: consolidate colored graph cmp logicAbhishek Kumar
2020-02-24lib-log-graph: consolidate test_cmp_graph logicAbhishek Kumar
2019-10-16graph: fix coloring of octopus dashesJames Coglan
2019-10-16graph: smooth appearance of collapsing edges on commit linesJames Coglan
2019-10-16graph: tidy up display of left-skewed mergesJames Coglan
2019-10-04t4214: demonstrate octopus graph coloring failureDenton Liu
2019-10-04t4214: explicitly list tags in logDenton Liu
2019-10-04t4214: generate expect in their own test casesDenton Liu
2019-10-04t4214: use test_mergeDenton Liu
2018-10-12log: fix coloring of certain octopus merge shapesNoam Postavsky