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2018-08-21tests: use 'test_must_be_empty' instead of 'test_cmp /dev/null <out>'SZEDER Gábor
2016-02-25diff: activate diff.renames by defaultMatthieu Moy
2015-03-20t: fix severe &&-chain breakageJeff King
2015-03-02diff --shortstat --dirstat: remove duplicate outputMårten Kongstad
2012-03-13diffstat summary line varies by locale: miscellanyJonathan Nieder
2011-04-29Mark dirstat error messages for translationJohan Herland
2011-04-29Improve error handling when parsing dirstat parametersJohan Herland
2011-04-29New --dirstat=lines mode, doing dirstat analysis based on diffstatJohan Herland
2011-04-29Allow specifying --dirstat cut-off percentage as a floating point numberJohan Herland
2011-04-29Add config variable for specifying default --dirstat behaviorJohan Herland
2011-04-29Refactor --dirstat parsing; deprecate --cumulative and --dirstat-by-fileJohan Herland
2011-04-29Make --dirstat=0 output directories that contribute < 0.1% of changesJohan Herland
2011-04-29Add several testcases for --dirstat and friendsJohan Herland