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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-13userdiff: add builtin diff driver for kotlin language.Jaydeep P Das
2021-10-25userdiff-cpp: back out the digit-separators in numbersJohannes Sixt
2021-10-10userdiff-cpp: learn the C++ spaceship operatorJohannes Sixt
2021-10-10userdiff-cpp: permit the digit-separating single-quote in numbersJohannes Sixt
2021-10-10userdiff-cpp: prepare test cases with yet unsupported featuresJohannes Sixt
2021-10-08userdiff-cpp: tighten word regexJohannes Sixt
2021-10-08t4034: add tests showing problematic cpp tokenizationsJohannes Sixt
2021-10-08t4034/cpp: actually test that operator tokens are not splitJohannes Sixt
2021-04-08userdiff: add support for SchemeAtharva Raykar
2019-08-21userdiff: add a builtin pattern for dts filesStephen Boyd
2016-06-03userdiff: add built-in pattern for CSSWilliam Duclot
2014-02-05userdiff: update Ada patternsAdrian Johnson
2012-09-17Add userdiff patterns for AdaAdrian Johnson
2011-11-16Add built-in diff patterns for MATLAB codeGustaf Hendeby
2011-01-18t4034 (diff --word-diff): add a minimum Perl drier test vectorJunio C Hamano
2011-01-18t4034: bulk verify builtin word regex sanityThomas Rast