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2018-10-06t/*: fix ordering of expected/observed argumentsMatthew DeVore
Fix various places where the ordering was obviously wrong, meaning it was easy to find with grep. Signed-off-by: Matthew DeVore <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2018-03-26t2101: abstract away SHA-1-specific constantsbrian m. carlson
Adjust the test so that it uses variables and command substitution for blobs instead of hard-coded hashes. Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2018-03-26t2101: modernize test stylebrian m. carlson
Most of our tests start with the opening quote of the test body on the same line as the test_expect_success call. Additionally, our tests are usually indented with a single tab. Update this test to be the same as most others, which will make it easier to use inline heredocs in the future. Signed-off-by: brian m. carlson <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2010-11-09tests: add missing &&Jonathan Nieder
Breaks in a test assertion's && chain can potentially hide failures from earlier commands in the chain. Commands intended to fail should be marked with !, test_must_fail, or test_might_fail. The examples in this patch do not require that. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2010-09-06Several tests: cd inside subshell instead of aroundJens Lehmann
Fixed all places where it was a straightforward change from cd'ing into a directory and back via "cd .." to a cd inside a subshell. Found these places with "git grep -w "cd \.\.". Signed-off-by: Jens Lehmann <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2008-09-03tests: use "git xyzzy" form (t0000 - t3599)Nanako Shiraishi
Converts tests between t0050-t3903. Signed-off-by: Nanako Shiraishi <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2007-07-03Rewrite "git-frotz" to "git frotz"Junio C Hamano
This uses the remove-dashes target to replace "git-frotz" to "git frotz". Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2006-05-26tests: Remove heredoc usage inside quotesEric Wong
The use of heredoc inside quoted strings doesn't seem to be supported by dash. pdksh seems to handle it fine, however. Signed-off-by: Eric Wong <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2006-05-06update-index --again: take optional pathspecsJunio C Hamano
When pathspecs are given, update-index --again further limits the set of paths to be updated to those that match them. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2006-05-06update-index --againJunio C Hamano
After running 'git-update-index' for some paths, you may want to do the update on the same set of paths again. The new flag --again checks the paths whose index entries are are different from the HEAD commit and updates them from the working tree contents. This was brought up by Carl Worth on #git. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>