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2021-01-28pretty: lazy-load commit data when expanding user-formatJeff King
When we expand a user-format, we try to avoid work that isn't necessary for the output. For instance, we don't bother parsing the commit header until we know we need the author, subject, etc. But we do always load the commit object's contents from disk, even if the format doesn't require it (e.g., just "%H"). Traditionally this didn't matter much, because we'd have loaded it as part of the traversal anyway, and we'd typically have those bytes attached to the commit struct (or these days, cached in a commit-slab). But when we have a commit-graph, we might easily get to the point of pretty-printing a commit without ever having looked at the actual object contents. We should push off that load (and reencoding) until we're certain that it's needed. I think the results of p4205 show the advantage pretty clearly (we serve parent and tree oids out of the commit struct itself, so they benefit as well): # using git.git as the test repo Test HEAD^ HEAD ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4205.1: log with %H 0.40(0.39+0.01) 0.03(0.02+0.01) -92.5% 4205.2: log with %h 0.45(0.44+0.01) 0.09(0.09+0.00) -80.0% 4205.3: log with %T 0.40(0.39+0.00) 0.04(0.04+0.00) -90.0% 4205.4: log with %t 0.46(0.46+0.00) 0.09(0.08+0.01) -80.4% 4205.5: log with %P 0.39(0.39+0.00) 0.03(0.03+0.00) -92.3% 4205.6: log with %p 0.46(0.46+0.00) 0.10(0.09+0.00) -78.3% 4205.7: log with %h-%h-%h 0.52(0.51+0.01) 0.15(0.14+0.00) -71.2% 4205.8: log with %an-%ae-%s 0.42(0.41+0.00) 0.42(0.41+0.01) +0.0% # using linux.git as the test repo Test HEAD^ HEAD ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4205.1: log with %H 7.12(6.97+0.14) 0.76(0.65+0.11) -89.3% 4205.2: log with %h 7.35(7.19+0.16) 1.30(1.19+0.11) -82.3% 4205.3: log with %T 7.58(7.42+0.15) 1.02(0.94+0.08) -86.5% 4205.4: log with %t 8.05(7.89+0.15) 1.55(1.41+0.13) -80.7% 4205.5: log with %P 7.12(7.01+0.10) 0.76(0.69+0.07) -89.3% 4205.6: log with %p 7.38(7.27+0.10) 1.32(1.20+0.12) -82.1% 4205.7: log with %h-%h-%h 7.81(7.67+0.13) 1.79(1.67+0.12) -77.1% 4205.8: log with %an-%ae-%s 7.90(7.74+0.15) 7.81(7.66+0.15) -1.1% I added the final test to show where we don't improve (the 1% there is just lucky noise), but also as a regression test to make sure we're not doing anything stupid like loading the commit multiple times when there are several placeholders that need it. Reported-by: Michael Haggerty <> Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2017-06-24p4205: add perf test script for pretty log formatsRené Scharfe
Add simple performance tests for expanded log format placeholders. Suggested-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Rene Scharfe <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>