path: root/refs/ref-cache.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-20refs/ref-cache.h: add missing declarations (hdr-check)Ramsay Jones
2017-09-25ref_cache: remove support for storing peeled valuesMichael Haggerty
2017-09-14ref_iterator: keep track of whether the iterator output is orderedMichael Haggerty
2017-05-23create_ref_entry(): remove `check_name` optionMichael Haggerty
2017-05-23read_packed_refs(): do more of the work of reading packed refsMichael Haggerty
2017-05-08refs/files-backend: convert many internals to struct object_idbrian m. carlson
2017-04-17do_for_each_entry_in_dir(): delete functionMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17cache_ref_iterator_begin(): make function smarterMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17do_for_each_entry_in_dir(): eliminate `offset` argumentMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17ref-cache: use a callback function to fill the cacheMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17refs: record the ref_store in ref_cache, not ref_dirMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17ref-cache: introduce a new type, ref_cacheMichael Haggerty
2017-04-17refs: split `ref_cache` code into separate filesMichael Haggerty