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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-07-07Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2010-07-07fix git branch -m in presence of cross devicesPierre Habouzit
2010-06-21Merge branch 'gv/portable'Junio C Hamano
2010-06-12log_ref_setup: don't return stack-allocated arrayThomas Rast
2010-06-02refs: split log_ref_write logic into log_ref_setupErick Mattos
2010-05-31Rewrite dynamic structure initializations to runtime assignmentGary V. Vaughan
2010-03-30refs.c: Write reflogs for notes just like for branch headsMichael J Gruber
2010-03-24Merge branch 'tr/notes-display'Junio C Hamano
2010-03-24Merge branch 'jc/maint-refs-dangling'Junio C Hamano
2010-03-16refs: ref entry with NULL sha1 is can be a dangling symrefJunio C Hamano
2010-03-13for_each_recent_reflog_ent(): use strbuf, fix offset handlingRené Scharfe
2010-03-13Support showing notes from more than one notes treeThomas Rast
2010-02-04Typofixes outside documentation areaJunio C Hamano
2010-01-20rev-parse --branches/--tags/--remotes=patternIlari Liusvaara
2010-01-20rev-parse --globIlari Liusvaara
2009-11-10teach warn_dangling_symref to take a FILE argumentJay Soffian
2009-09-29git branch -D: give a better error message when lockfile creation failsMiklos Vajna
2009-08-22Merge branch 'cc/replace'Junio C Hamano
2009-07-29clean: require double -f options to nuke nested git repository and work treeJunio C Hamano
2009-07-24Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2009-07-23do_one_ref(): null_sha1 check is not about broken refJunio C Hamano
2009-07-18Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2009-07-16refs.c: release file descriptor on error returnBrandon Casey
2009-06-27Convert existing die(..., strerror(errno)) to die_errno()Thomas Rast
2009-06-01refs: add a "for_each_replace_ref" functionChristian Couder
2009-05-26Merge branch 'maint'Junio C Hamano
2009-05-26Merge branch 'ar/unlink-err' into maintJunio C Hamano
2009-05-25lock_ref: inform callers of unavailable refJeff King
2009-05-23Merge branch 'fc/decorate-tag'Junio C Hamano
2009-05-23Merge branch 'rr/forbid-bs-in-ref'Junio C Hamano
2009-05-14Change prettify_ref to prettify_refnameFelipe Contreras
2009-05-09Disallow '\' in ref namesRobin Rosenberg
2009-04-30replace direct calls to unlink(2) with unlink_or_warnAlex Riesen
2009-04-13shorten_unambiguous_ref(): add strict modeBert Wesarg
2009-04-12Merge branch 'jk/show-upstream'Junio C Hamano
2009-04-12Merge branch 'cc/bisect-filter'Junio C Hamano
2009-04-08make get_short_ref a public functionJeff King
2009-04-06Merge branch 'jc/name-branch'Junio C Hamano
2009-04-05Merge branch 'cc/sha1-bsearch' into HEADJunio C Hamano
2009-03-30refs: add "for_each_ref_in" function to refactor "for_each_*_ref" functionsChristian Couder
2009-03-26Merge branch 'db/push-cleanup'Junio C Hamano
2009-03-25Don't permit ref/branch names to end with ".lock"Shawn O. Pearce
2009-03-24check_ref_format(): tighten refname rulesJunio C Hamano
2009-03-24refs: use warning() instead of fprintf(stderr, "warning: ")Miklos Vajna
2009-03-09Use a common function to get the pretty name of refsDaniel Barkalow
2009-03-08Adjust js/remote-improvements and db/refspec-wildcard-in-the-middleJunio C Hamano
2009-03-07Support '*' in the middle of a refspecDaniel Barkalow
2009-03-07Keep '*' in pattern refspecsDaniel Barkalow
2009-02-26refactor find_ref_by_name() to accept const listJeff King
2009-02-11remote prune: warn dangling symrefsJunio C Hamano