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2015-07-15l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.5.0 l10n round 2Jiang Xin
2015-07-05l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.5.0 l10n round 1Jiang Xin
2015-04-03l10n: zh_CN: for git v2.4.0 l10n round 2Jiang Xin
2015-03-31l10n: zh_CN: translations for git v2.4.0-rc0Jiang Xin
2015-01-21l10n: correct indentation of show-branch usageJiang Xin
2015-01-19l10n: zh_CN: various fixes on command argumentsJiang Xin
2015-01-17l10n: zh_CN: translations for git v2.3.0-rc0Jiang Xin
2014-11-20l10n: remove a superfluous translation for push.cJiang Xin
2014-11-20l10n: batch updates for one trivial changeJiang Xin
2014-11-02l10n: zh_CN: translations for git v2.2.0-rc0Jiang Xin
2014-08-04l10n: zh_CN: translations for git v2.1.0-rc0Jiang Xin
2014-04-23l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 46 new messages (2229t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2014-02-06l10n: zh_CN.po: Disambiguation for rebaseJiang Xin
2014-02-03l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 1 new message (2211t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2014-01-24l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 27 messages (2210t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-11-03l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 68 messages (2194t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-09-04use 'commit-ish' instead of 'committish'Richard Hansen
2013-08-06l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 5 messages (2135t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-08-03l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 99 messages (2133t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-05-08l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 44 messages (2080t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-04-12l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 54 messages (2048t0f0u)Jiang Xin
2013-03-07l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 1 new messageJiang Xin
2013-02-19l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 5 new messagesJiang Xin
2013-02-18l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 35 new messagesJiang Xin
2013-02-08l10n: zh_CN.po: 800+ new translations on command usagesWang Sheng
2012-09-27Merge git:// Xin
2012-09-27Merge branch 'maint'Jiang Xin
2012-09-15l10n: zh.CN.po: msgmerge git.pot (1142t195f630u)Jiang Xin
2012-09-07l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 2 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-08-07l10n: Improve many translation for zh_CNThynson
2012-08-07l10n: Unify the translation for '(un)expected'Thynson
2012-08-06l10n: zh_CN.po: update one translationJiang Xin
2012-08-04l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 76 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-07-30l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 4 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-07-06l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 29 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-06-08l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 27 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-06-02l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 2 new, 3 fuzzy messagesJiang Xin
2012-06-01l10n: Set nplurals of zh_CN.po from 1 to 2Jiang Xin
2012-06-01l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 323 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-05-31l10n: zh.CN.po: update by msgmerge git.potJiang Xin
2012-05-15Merge branch 'maint' into masterJiang Xin
2012-05-15l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 3 new messagesJiang Xin
2012-05-12l10n: zh_CN.po: translate 1 new messageJiang Xin
2012-04-29l10n: Update Simplified Chinese translationJiang Xin
2012-04-28l10n: Update Simplified Chinese translationJiang Xin
2012-03-30l10n: Improve zh_CN translation for Git 1.7.10-rc3Jiang Xin
2012-03-27l10n: Review zh_CN translation for Git 1.7.10-rc1Jiang Xin
2012-03-16l10n: Update zh_CN translation for Git 1.7.10-rc1Jiang Xin
2012-03-08l10n: Improve zh_CN translation for msg "not something we can merge"Thynson
2012-03-08l10n: Improve zh_CN trans for msg that cannot fast-forwardThynson