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2022-06-25l10n: vi(5367t): Updated translationTran Ngoc Quan
2022-04-14l10n: vi(5285t): v2.36.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2022-01-17l10n: vi(5195t): Update for v2.35.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-11-11l10n: vi(5211t): Translation for v2.34.0 rd3Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-11-08l10n: vi(5210t): Translation for v2.34.0 rd2Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-08-14l10n: vi.po(5230t): Updated translation for v2.32.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-08-12l10n: vi.po(5227t): Fixed typo after run git-po-helperTran Ngoc Quan
2021-08-09l10n: vi.po(5227t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.32.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-07-09l10n: fixed typos of mismatched constant stringsPeter Krefting
2021-05-24l10n: vi.po(5204t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.32.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2021-03-08l10n: vi.po(5104t): for git v2.31.0 l10n round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-12-21l10n: vi.po(5037t): v2.30.0 rnd 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-10-13l10n: vi(5013t): Updated translation for v2.29.0 rd2Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-07-20l10n: vi.po: correct "ident line" translationĐoàn Trần Công Danh
2020-07-20l10n: vi.po(4931t): Updated translation for v2.28.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-05-27l10n: vi(4875t): Updated Vietnamses translation for 2.27.0rd2Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-05-21l10n: vi(4874t): Updated Vietnamses translation for 2.27.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-03-16l10n: vi(4839t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.26.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2020-03-16l10n: vi: fix translation + grammarĐoàn Trần Công Danh
2020-01-03l10n: vi(4800t): Updated Vietnamese translation v2.25.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2019-10-29l10n: vi(4694t): Updated translation for v2.24.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2019-08-11l10n: vi(4674t): Updated translation for VietnameseTran Ngoc Quan
2019-08-06l10n: vi.po (4676t): Updated Vietnamese translationTran Ngoc Quan
2019-06-04l10n: vi.po(4581t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 3Tran Ngoc Quan
2019-06-01l10n: vi.po(4580t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2019-05-19l10n: vi.po(4577t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.22.0 round 1Tran Ngoc Quan
2019-03-01l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.21 rd2Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-12-02l10n: vi(4187t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.20.0 rd3Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-12-02l10n: vi(4185t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.20.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-11-01l10n: vi.po: fix typo in pack-objectsMinh Nguyen
2018-09-07l10n: vi.po(3958t): updated Vietnamese translation v2.19.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-06-17l10n: vi.po(3608t): Update Vietnamese translation for v2.18.0 round 3Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-06-14l10n: vi.po(3608t): Update Vietnamese translation for v2.18.0 round2Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-06-03l10n: vi(3470t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.18.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-03-17l10n: vi.po(3376t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.17Tran Ngoc Quan
2018-01-07l10n: vi.po(3288t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.16.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-10-19l10n: vi.po(3245t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.15.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-10-09l10n: vi.po(3245t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.15.0Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-07-25l10n: vi.po (3213t): Updated 9 new stringsTran Ngoc Quan
2017-07-15l10n: vi.po(3206t): Update Vietnamese translationTran Ngoc Quan
2017-05-05l10n: vi.po(3195t): Update translation for v2.13.0 round 2Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-04-25l10n: vi.po(3198t): Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.13.0-rc0Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-02-18l10n: vi.po (3139t): Updated 2 new messages for rc1Tran Ngoc Quan
2017-02-17l10n: vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation (3137t)Tran Ngoc Quan
2016-11-25l10n: fix unmatched single quote in error messageJiang Xin
2016-11-22l10n: Fixed typo of git fetch-pack commandJiang Xin
2016-11-04l10n: vi.po: Updated translation to v2.11.0 (2913t)Tran Ngoc Quan
2016-08-28l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.10.0-rc2 (2757t)Tran Ngoc Quan
2016-08-27l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation for v2.10.0 (2789t)Tran Ngoc Quan
2016-05-25l10n: Updated Vietnamese translation (2597t)Tran Ngoc Quan