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2016-03-05l10n: TEAMS: update Ralf Thielow's email addressRalf Thielow
2016-01-03l10n: ko.po: Add Korean translationChangwoo Ryu
2015-08-03l10n: TEAMS: stash inactive zh_CN team membersJiang Xin
2015-04-09l10n: TEAMS: Change repository URL of zh_CNJiang Xin
2015-03-23l10n: ru: added Russian translationDimitriy Ryazantcev
2014-09-25po/TEAMS: add new member to German translation teamRalf Thielow
2014-08-29po/TEAMS: add new members to German translation teamRalf Thielow
2014-08-23po/TEAMS: Add Catalan teamAlex Henrie
2014-01-28po/TEAMS: Added Bulgarian teamAlexander Shopov
2014-01-24l10n: remove 2 blank translations on Danish, DutchJiang Xin
2013-11-12po/TEAMS: update Thomas Rast's email addressRalf Thielow
2013-08-30l10n: fr.po: hotfix for commit 6b388fcSebastien Helleu
2013-08-11l10n: Add reference for french translation teamJean-Noel Avila
2013-02-08l10n: zh_CN.po: 800+ new translations on command usagesWang Sheng
2012-09-04l10n: vi.po & TEAMS: review Vietnamese translationTran Ngoc Quan
2012-06-14l10n: it.po: translate 212 new messagesMarco Paolone
2012-05-31Init translation for VietnameseTran Ngoc Quan
2012-05-30l10n: New it.po file with 504 translationsMarco Paolone
2012-05-08l10n: add new members to German translation teamRalf Thielow
2012-04-28l10n: Add the German translation team and initialize de.poRalf Thielow
2012-04-12l10n: Add Danish team (da) to list of teamsByrial Jensen
2012-04-02l10n: Add the Dutch translation team and initialize nl.poVincent van Ravesteijn
2012-04-02l10n: Inital Portuguese Portugal language (pt_PT)Marco Sousa
2012-03-27Add url of Swedish l10n team in TEAMS fileJiang Xin
2012-03-08Update Swedish translation (732t0f0u).Peter Krefting
2012-03-02Update l10n guide: change the repository URL, etcJiang Xin
2012-02-29Update l10n guideJunio C Hamano