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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-01-17git svn: do not overescape URLs (fallback case)Jonathan Nieder
2013-01-17Git::SVN::Editor::T: pass $deletions to ->A and ->DJonathan Nieder
2012-12-18git-svn, perl/ extend and use Git->prompt method for querying usersSven Strickroth
2012-12-18git-svn, perl/ add central method for prompting passwordsSven Strickroth
2012-10-10git svn: work around SVN 1.7 mishandling of svn:special changesJonathan Nieder
2012-10-05git-svn: keep leading slash when canonicalizing paths (fallback case)Jonathan Nieder
2012-10-05git-svn: use path accessor for Git::SVN objectsEric Wong
2012-10-05Make git-svn branch patterns match complete URLAmmon Riley
2012-08-02git-svn: canonicalize newly-minted URLsMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: introduce add_path_to_url functionMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: canonicalize earlierMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: replace URL escapes with canonicalizationMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: attempt to mimic SVN 1.7 URL canonicalizationMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02Git::SVN{,::Ra}: canonicalize earlierMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: path canonicalization uses SVN APIMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02Git::SVN::Utils: remove irrelevant commentMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: add join_paths() to safely concatenate pathsMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: factor out _collapse_dotdot functionMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: use SVN 1.7 to canonicalize when possibleMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02git-svn: move canonicalization to Git::SVN::UtilsMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02use Git::SVN{,::RA}->url accessor globallyMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02use Git::SVN->path accessor globallyMichael G. Schwern
2012-08-02Git::SVN::Ra: use accessor for URLsMichael G. Schwern
2012-07-27Extract Git::SVN::GlobSpec from git-svn.Michael G. Schwern
2012-07-27Move Git::IndexInfo into its own file.Michael G. Schwern
2012-07-27Extract Git::SVN::Migration from git-svn.Michael G. Schwern
2012-07-27Extract Git::SVN::Log from git-svn.Michael G. Schwern
2012-07-27Extract some utilities from git-svn to allow extracting Git::SVN.Michael G. Schwern
2012-06-10git-svn: use YAML format for mergeinfo cache when possibleJonathan Nieder
2012-06-10git-svn: make Git::SVN::RA a separate fileJonathan Nieder
2012-06-10git-svn: make Git::SVN::Editor a separate fileJonathan Nieder
2012-05-29git-svn: make Git::SVN::Fetcher a separate fileJonathan Nieder
2012-05-29git-svn: move Git::SVN::Prompt into its own fileJonathan Nieder