path: root/midx.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-23midx: add MIDX_PROGRESS flagWilliam Baker
2019-06-11multi-pack-index: prepare 'repack' subcommandDerrick Stolee
2019-06-11multi-pack-index: prepare for 'expire' subcommandDerrick Stolee
2019-05-07midx: pass a repository pointerDerrick Stolee
2019-04-16midx: check both pack and index names for containmentJeff King
2018-11-13Merge branch 'ds/test-multi-pack-index'Junio C Hamano
2018-10-22multi-pack-index: define GIT_TEST_MULTI_PACK_INDEXDerrick Stolee
2018-10-22midx: close multi-pack-index on repackDerrick Stolee
2018-10-18headers: normalize the spelling of some header guardsRamsay Jones
2018-10-16Merge branch 'rj/header-check'Junio C Hamano
2018-09-20midx.h: add missing forward declarations (hdr-check)Ramsay Jones
2018-09-17multi-pack-index: add 'verify' verbDerrick Stolee
2018-08-20packfile: add all_packs listDerrick Stolee
2018-08-20multi-pack-index: store local propertyDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: clear midx on repackDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: use existing midx when writing new oneDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: use midx in abbreviation calculationsDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: read objects from multi-pack-indexDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20config: create core.multiPackIndex settingDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: write object offsetsDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: write object id fanout chunkDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: write object ids in a chunkDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20midx: read pack names into arrayDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20multi-pack-index: write pack names in chunkDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20multi-pack-index: load into memoryDerrick Stolee
2018-07-20multi-pack-index: add 'write' verbDerrick Stolee